Pearls Of India is an online casino gambling game, created by the Play ‘n Go company. It features a unique game play style, interesting visual effects, a few bonus rules, as well as the roguish character Rich Wilde. In this game, as apposed to similar games, tiles fall from the top of the screen, and when landing must create matching sequences. If a matching sequence is created, the tiles explode, allowing new tiles to fall in from the top of the screen. With luck, and a sequence of matching icons, a cascading effect can create big wins during a single round. The bonus system, triggered by collecting twenty five temple icons, allows for a choice of three mini bonus games, all of which can grant major jackpot winnings.

Pearls Of India Theme and Icons

The theme of the game is based around India, Indian culture, and adventure exploring. The picture icons represent well known deities, and are used alongside the traditional one to ten, plus jack, queen, king system of playing cards. Icons must be matched with themselves to create a winning sequence. The pearl is the scatter icon, and when matched with itself will grant free spins. Rich Wilde is the wild card icon, and can match with all other icons, except the pearls.

Bonus and Mini Games

Pearls Of India slot has a unique bonus system, not often seen in games of this type. Occasionally a temple icon will appear, and upon appearing will automatically be gathered. Not only will the tile break, allowing for more tiles, but upon twenty five temple icons being gathered, the player will be given the choice of three bonus games. Each of these games has a good chance of granting major bonus payouts. There is also a gamble mini game. This can be played any time a payout is given. The player simply has to guess the colour or suit of a face down card. If guessing correctly, the initial winnings can be grown bigger. This game can be played a number of times, until the player clicks collect to exit the game. Note that if the autoplay feature is on, the gamble option will be lost between rounds. Stop autoplay if you would like to use the gamble feature.

Interface and Autoplay

Pearls Of India has an interface specifically designed to be used on a touch screen. All buttons are one touch, and the bold graphics are easily seen on a screen of a smaller size. At the bottom of the screen the account balance is visible, as well as the option to change the bet per round. The playtable button will explain the winning matches in more detail in the same way online bingo NZ buttons do. Notice also the autoplay button, which when tapped will open a window. This window allows for the player to select the amount of rounds that should play out, without any input. The maximum amount if sixty. The player may also select the circumstances in which the autoplay should stop, such as a bonus round being won. Don’t forget that sound can be turned on an off via the speaker button, found at the bottom right.

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