The British nation has given the world many of its favourite sports. Most agree that the present game of gold had its origins in Scotland in the 15th century. There is however, the idea that the origin of the game is even older than that.

There was an old Roman game, in which participants used a curved stick to hit a small leather ball. This would have spread by the Romans to the many countries that they invaded and occupied during their history of military expansion in the first century BC. Nothing is certain, though, as there have been many theories put forward as to the beginning of this popular sport.

There are many golf tournaments held in every country during the year. The most famous of these are what is called the majors. That is what is meant by the four major international championships held throughout the world every year

The British Open Championship is the oldest of the four major tournaments in professional golf, and the only one held in Britain. The other three all take place in the United States. The British Open is currently the third major of the golfing calendar, following the Masters and the US Open.

The British Open was first played in 1860 in Scotland, and the inaugural tournament was restricted to professionals, of whom there were eight, and all of whom were Scottish. The following year the tournament was opened to amateurs

Americans Make the British Open Part of their Schedule

In 1969 a South African, Gary Player was the British Open. This started the era of the Big Three, Gary Player himself, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Arnold Palmer first won the British Open in 1960, and several times after that too.

He was not first American to win the Open, but he was the first that many American s saw win the tournament on television. His charismatic success is often credited with persuading the leading American golfers to make the British Open part of their schedule. The improvement of trans-Atlantic travel also increased the American participation.

The British Open is a 72 hole stroke play tournament contested over four days. Currently there are 156 players in the field, made up of the world’s leading professionals who are given exemptions, along with the winners of the top amateur championships. There is a cut after 36 holes, after which only the leading 70 players are able to play in the final 36 holes.

Betting Chances in the British Open

There are many golf games held throughout the year. Professionals are constantly competing in different competitions held all over the world. However as in any sport, there are certain times when it will be the most profitable time to place bets.

These times are of course during one of the major tournaments when the golfing community is at its biggest. All of these big tournaments are perfect for betting purposes. With the help of the internets top digital betting sites, everyone can get to enjoy the excitement of wagering.

Different Golf Bets Available

There is a variety of bets that the punter can place in the sport of golf, and many opportunities to place the bets.

It pays to do a little research before placing the bet, and by getting to know the players and the vagaries of each golf courses, the profitability of bets will increase.

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