Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world for a reason. It offers lightning fast rounds, easy to understand rules, and the chance to win cash quickly. But, as it turns out, Blackjack is also a very skill based casino game. This means that, as opposed to something like a slot, the player will win more frequently at Blackjack, depending on how good they are at the game.

It is possible, and enjoyable, to jump into online blackjack games for real money and simply play based on intuition and luck, but, those who apply knowledge and skill are significantly more likely to walk away with money in their pockets.

Read on to learn more about the game of Blackjack, how it is played, and how you can win more frequently.

Hitting 21 Is An Illusion

If you ask an amateur player what the purpose of playing Blackjack is, they are likely to tell you that getting as close to 21 as possible should be your focus. This isn’t true. Although this concept acts as a guideline, the purpose of the game is actually to get closer to 21 than the dealer.

If the player sticks on 14, and still beats the dealer, this is a win. There was no need to ask for another card and risk going bust. Understanding this is taking an enormous step towards being a better player.

Important rule; sticking on a middling total is often a far better option that asking for another card.

Beating The Dealer

The reason that the dealer always has a card dealt face up is so that the player can have an idea of what they are up against. The dealer’s exposed card is perhaps the most important factor to take into consideration when deciding what move to make.

But what can be learned from the dealer’s card? A simple rule is that the higher the value of the card, the bigger the risk to the player. The lower the card, the more chance the dealer has of going broke, if attempting to chase a reasonably high total.

So, if the dealer has a 5 showing, the player can feel more relaxed sticking at 16, 15, or even lower. However, if the dealer has a queen, it is time to be a bit more concerned. There is a chance that a straight Blackjack can be drawn, which is, of course, bad news. Though, even if a Blackjack isn’t drawn, there is still a better chance that the dealer will hit a high total.

Slow And Deliberate

Yes, Blackjack is a game that urges you to play fast, but the best players know to take their time. If you want to win more at the game, rather slow down your pace, take it easy, and make every round count.

Naturally, you should also be looking into advanced guides. Understanding the basics of the game is a good start, but learning how to react to each situation as it presents itself is an art form. Good luck, and remember to enjoy the game.

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