Who doesn’t love the popular game of Blackjack? It attracts players in casinos around the world, offering a fast paced, engaging experience. But it turns out that there is more than one version. Although all versions work around the same, commonly known core, there are various other evolutions with added rules. These iterations keep the game fresh and interesting, ensuring that there is always something new to try.

Let’s learn about the various version, and understand what makes them different.

Classic Blackjack

The standard version of Blackjack is easy to understand. The player and dealer are both dealt 2 initial cards. The values of the cards are added, with the goal being for the player to get closer to 21 than the dealer. The player can stick on a total, or ask for another card.

Once the player has decided to stick with a hand, the dealer will then attempt to beat the total, and get closer to 21. In classic Blackjack face cards count as 10, and the ace can be read either as 1 or 11. A face card and an ace combined is read as a Blackjack, and will offer a higher payout amount than a standard win.

Spanish 21

In Spanish 21, the game is played by the same rules. But there is one significant difference. All cards with the value of 10 are removed from the game, offering up a unique and different playing experience. The player is required to make significantly diverse decisions, creating a unique challenge even for those who are familiar with the base game.


This interesting iteration is hailed by many as one of the most entertaining ways to enjoy New Zealand online blackjack. The player is dealt 2 sets of cards, instead of the usual 1. The 2 sets can be switched between as the player sees fit, attempting to get the best possible hand. This keeps things intense, and provides an additional layer of strategy. Although it should be noted that the payout for landing a Blackjack is reduced from the usual 32 down to 11.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Blackjack is similar to classic in most ways, but for a few small, but interesting, differences. One of the most interesting is that the dealer is allowed to stick on a soft 17, which changes up things more than you’d expect. Another change is that the player can split their hand up to 3 times. In the classic version, a split is allowed if 2 cards are dealt with the same value. In the Atlantic City version an additional split is allowed, resulting in 3 hands being played simultaneously.

You Decide

So which version of Blackjack should you play? The answer is simple; whichever strikes your fancy. Trying out new styles of a classic game is great fun, and will offer up unique challenges. Trying out each version is the best way to see which set of rules are most appealing.

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