The National Football League is the most prestigious football league on the planet. With bone crunching tackles and debilitating scrimmages, the NFL is a long-standing tradition not just amongst players but also amongst the fans.

The NFL and AFL conferences culminate into a dramatic spectacle known as Super Bowl Sunday. Before the main event there are a host of National Football league games to watch and wager on.

The NFL Bye Week

Canadian punters new to NFL Bye Week betting will be eager to learn that all teams in the National Football League play sixteen matches out of the seventeen weeks of the NFL schedule. The one-week left, where any team does not play a game is called their BYE Week.

The 2020 NFL Bye Weeks

Canadian punters seeking a better example of how this works, and a clear example of what to expect in the upcoming events and Bye Weeks of the next National Football League can refer to the 2020 NFL Bye Weeks for a better understanding. The 2020 NFL Bye Weeks were as follows.

Week 1: None

Week 2: None

Week 3: None

Week 4: None

Week 5: Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans and Washington.

Week 6: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Dallas and Seattle.

Week 7: Detroit and Houston.

Week 8: Arizona, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants and Tennessee.

Week 9: Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota, New England and Pittsburgh.

Week 10: Baltimore, Kansas City, Oakland and Philadelphia.

Week 11: Carolina, Indianapolis, Miami, New York Jets, San Francisco and Tampa Bay.

Week 12: None

Week 13: None

Week 14: None

Week 15: None

Week 16: None

Week 17: None

The majority of punters believe that teams coming out of their bye weeks have a better shot at clenching victory at their next best match. This is because any NFL team coming out of their Bye Week are rested and better prepared.

With more practice time and clearer goals a Bye Week affords players with a refreshed approach to the game that greatly increases their shot at clenching a win. With this in mind punters from Canada should consider the value of the bet on a team coming off of their Bye Week.

How to handicap the Bye Week

Canadian punters in quest of a handicapping method for NFL Bye Week playoffs should consider each team on an individual scale. The more talented a team is the greater impact their Bye Week will have.

The best teams in the NFL usually benefit the most from the Bye Week rest up. Punters should always keep in mind that it is always possible for an underdog to snatch victory, yet history supports the idea that stronger, consistent teams coming out of their Bye Week have shown dramatic results.

The Bye Week betting Strategy

Understanding the NFL Bye Week is just one part of a solid NFL Bye Week betting on fantasy sports betting strategy. Punters from Canada opting to make use of the Bye Week as a betting strategy need to know more than just a teams resting schedule.

For example; teams that are on the road and already favoured to win have a good chance at clenching victory simply because the travelling is less likely to play any negative factors in their performances. NFL teams lucky enough to have their Bye Week into the second half of the season will also enjoy greater benefits as the gruelling nature of the game takes it out of players.

With this in mind Canadians should research each and every aspect of a team before laying a wager on the NFL. Making use of everyday facts about any team within the NFL will provide you with more valuable NFL bets.

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