Ensuring A Safe Online Casino Experience

Internet hackers and fraudsters constantly troll the passages of the internet, prying on uninformed and unsuspecting victims of cyber crimes.  In the United States alone, an estimated 500 million US Dollars are stolen annually by means of online credit card fraud.  A variety of means are employed, including the harvesting of email addresses and fake requests requesting confirmation of users’ credit card details, all coming from seemingly legitimate companies.

Internet users eventually became wise to these kinds of scams, prompting cyber crooks to develop skankier methods such as buying personal credit card  and other financial information from hackers who physically hack into servers and personal computers.  Fraudsters go as far as to set up bogus online stores, selling goods at seemingly bargain prices, in order to harvest credit card information.

This naturally developed to include online casino sites too.  Millions are deposited at and withdrawn from online casino sites annually, making the online gambling industry a prime target for fraudsters.  Online casinos in Canada are eager to provide a safe and secure environment for players, and as such have aided in the development of a variety of secure payment and withdrawal methods.

The EcoCard Payment System

Ecocard is widely accepted as a safe online casino payment method, and is utilised by most reputable online casino sites in Canada.  EcoCard has more than 10 years under its belt, and makes use of a pre-paid MasterCard debit card.  This means that the EcoCard can be used at any online casino supporting the use of MasterCard.  User registration is free and access to monies deposited tot your EcoCard is instant.


ecoPayz is one of the oldest digital wallets available, and is a favourite among players residing in Canada.  A user profile is registered free of charge, and accessed every time a player wishes to deposit to or withdraw money from an online casino site.  ecoPayz acts as the middle man, ensuring a safe online casino transaction.  ecoPayz is a versatile digital wallet and allows payments and purchases on all vendor sites supporting the ecoPayz payment method.

The eCheck System

eCheck works on the same basic principal as would writing a physical check in favour of the online casino, the only difference being that it’s done electronically and completely hassle-free.  Financial details are captured once-off, and a profile created.  The user profile is secured by means of a unique username and password, and accessed by the player each time a payment or withdrawal is made.

InstaDebit – Used By Many Online Casinos in Canada

InstaDebit prides itself on being quick and safe.  Preferred by online casinos in Canada as the premier payment and withdrawal method, InstaDebit makes it simple to keep track of all financial transactions.  InstaDebit offers players the choice between making an instant payment to the player’s InstaDebit account, or by making use of a bank transfer.  InstaDebit is committed to keeping personal and financial details secure, and is one of the leading online casino payment methods featured on Canadian online slots sites.

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