Online players are able to take advantage of the fun and money that Double Jackpot Poker, a video poker game from Realtime Gaming, is able to offer at any one of the many online casinos that make this developer’s top-of-the-line games available.

In a typical five-card draw game that is played with a standard set of cards, there are big payouts and the chance for players to win a little extra thanks to the bonus game provided. The special feature for this game is that it pays out very high amounts of money for hands that are made up of four-of-a-kind, an innovative feature that is not widely found with other types of online video poker games. Realtime Gaming keeps players coming back by means of innovations like this one.

Gameplay for Double Jackpot Video Poker by RTG

Double Jackpot Poker has players aiming to create combinations of four jacks; queens; kings and aces. The top payout is available for the royal flush hand on a maximum bet, and between one and 100 hands can be played simultaneously. The bonus round provided by RTG offers players the chance to double their bets, as well, and players are able to try to boost their bankrolls by means of the doubled jackpot on offer.

The first step to take when it comes to Double Jackpot play is setting a betting denomination: players are able to make their selections from 0.05; 0.25; 0.50; 1 and 5. Whenever winning hands are acquired, the monies linked to these will be instantly credited to the players’ accounts.

Once the bets have been placed and the Double Jackpot video poker game has begun, players will receive a standard hand made up of five cards. At this point, players will be asked to select which of these they would like to keep, and which they wish to discard, and, once this process has been completed, new cards will be dealt if this is required. As in standard poker online play, the aim of the game is to compile the best hand, but, dissimilarly to typical poker play, the player does not have to compete with anyone else. This means that a lower-value hand, like a pair, still has the potential to garner a payout much like bingo games for money.

Generous Payouts for Four-of-a-Kind Hands in Double Jackpot

When it comes to the four-of-a-kind combinations for Double Jackpot video poker, players will want to focus on the aces, as these pay out a staggering 800 coins if four are found and the maximum bet is in place. It is always recommended that players enjoy the game with the maximum bet amount in place, since this is key to the highest possible payout for any given hand, and also that players hold on to pairs and three-of-a-kind card combinations at the initial stages of the proceedings as well.

As is generally the case with video poker machines, the best possible hand in Double Jackpot is the royal flush, and this will boost players’ bankrolls by 4 000 coins if the maximum bet is active when the hand is received. The minimum bet will result in a payout of only 400 coins –a sobering difference in reward-level for the very same hand.

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