Whenever people think about online casino bonuses that are offered to them, they will normally only think about the big initial welcome bonuses that online and mobile casinos advertise so loudly. However, these are once off offers, so once you’ve claimed your welcome bonus from the casino, you need to think about what other online casino bonuses are available to you to give you the maximum amount of playing time with your favourite casino games. Good gaming establishments always want the players who continue to play with them to know how much their loyalty is valued, so they will give on-going casino game players loyalty bonuses, such as additional credits whenever the player deposits money.

However, these are by no means the only on-going online casino bonuses that are available once you are an established casino player. Many casinos will also offer several different types of bonuses, specifically for those casino players who enjoy NBA betting Australia or mobile games. These game bonuses can take a number of different forms, and can be received from outside the game, for instance a gift of free spins, or the offer can be received from inside the game itself. These in-game bonuses will vary from game to game, so you can try any number of different games in order to decide which types of bonuses suits your style of playing the best.

Types of Online Casino Bonus

Welcome Bonuses, Match Bonuses, Percentage Bonuses and other exciting rewards are all on offer at the top casinos online. Just some of the popular rewards offered by these bonuses include:

Free Credits: Just like getting bonus cash when you first start playing at an online or mobile casino, these free credits / coins are often rewarded to players who have played a sufficient number of games. These credits will be added to whatever coins you already have available to you from your other casino bonuses as well as your deposits. These don’t actually affect the game itself, but rather simply augment your casino balance.

Tournament Tokens: These slots specific bonuses are available to online and mobile slots players, and are often handed out to players who win a certain amount of money on their slots games. They can actually be handed out as prizes in themselves, particularly if they will provide the player with an opportunity to enter a casino game tournament with a particularly large amount of prize money available. These tournament tokens will allow entry into a specified casino tournament, and often provide the opening pot of money with which to play the tournament casino games. They do not actually affect the slots games that you play, but they can open up additional casino games to play.

Free Spins:  These online casino bonuses can be awarded by the casino you have deposited a certain amount of money and play online or mobile slots games. They act as slots bonuses as they provide you with a set number of additional spins on a pre-selected slots game, or one of your favourite online or mobile slots games.

Fun with Free Money

It may take quite a while to discover and try out every single different online casino bonus, as every gaming establishment can have their own different styles of bonuses, either one or multiple bonuses. These in-game offers can have a significant impact on the play of the game, depending on the type of bonus it is. So feel free to try them all!

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